The Gravity Team is thrilled to announce our brand new partnership and strategic expansion into Europe with the Parashop and the Gravity Paragliders Europe teams!

Based in Kössen in the heart of the Austrian Alps this innovative teams of pilots will head the European representation of Gravity Paragliders.
With over 36 years of air and industry experience in the entire market and segments of paragliding and rescue systems, the teams in Kössen have pushed performances and innovation throughout the brand and have been essential in the development of the whole free-flight range and rescue systems.

Believing in premium customer service, top-notch sales, excellency in after-sales service as well as managed in a flat, direct hierarchy in a colourful and strong team are crucial to receive outstanding customer satisfaction and feedback. The above mentioned are the core pillars on which the Austrians operate and conduct their enterprises. Therefore it goes without saying, that we are proud to collaborate in building the greatest paragliding brand on the planet!


The Gravity brand has never been about conventional wisdom … Our team of innovators, adventurist, and pilots know it is about passion and expertise which creates and manufactures amazing products. Just as we ditched the rule book in making Gravity Paramotors - we assumed nothing in the development of Gravity Paragliders. Founded in 2018, from Gravity Paramotors HQ, we leveraged our dedication to excellence coupled with Ernst Strobl and his state of the art AirLab team to create a new chapter in the paragliding industry. Over the next two years and countless prototypes, we obsessed with building a collection of industry-leading paragliders. Through passion, fine-tuning, originality, blood, sweat and tears, we are delighted to present the Gravity Paraglider brand and product range to the public.   

Our Heritage

Gravity Paragliders was built on a simple principle - making air sports accessible to all by delivering cutting-edge products coupled with phenomenal, out of the box customer service. The Gravity brand and its partners are synonymous with performance, quality, endurance and most importantly - safety. We consider each Gravity customer a member of the pack and it is our mission to ensure you enjoy every minute of this fantastic sport of Paragliding & Paramotoring to the fullest!

Our Mission

Every design beings with three unwavering focuses - Safety, Performance and Pleasure! Our network of world-class test pilots and constructors work tirelessly to ensure every Paraglider arrives at our customers meeting our strict standards and regulations - often exceeding industry certification norms.
Our desire is that every pilot falls in love on their first flight! Each Paraglider is delivered with crisp handling, class-leading performance and exceptional take-off/ landing characteristics, followed by a level of reassurance in case we push the boundaries a little too far. Gravity’s design pedigree will always focus on the complete package - delivering an environmentally friendly paraglider, developed and manufactured using cutting-edge CAD/CFD technology tools built with exceptional, freshest materials to ensure many years of fun-loving flight, reliability as well lasting enjoyment.

Our Innovation

We know our brand can only as good as the people we associate and work together with! We promise that every dealer and distributor representing the brand will act as ambassadors of the sport, delivering industry-leading customer service and a pack member within the entire company. The Gravity Team knows how unique this sport is, how deep the passion is and that its sustainability depends on the strength and professionalism of every pilot and part of the global Gravity family.

Our Partners

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