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With many years of experience in sales and development for the entire matter of paragliding, Stefan Berger's team has been able to acquire extensive knowledge and know-how in the field of paragliding as well as rescue systems and motorized paragliding. This know-how and the associated innovations and ideas were formed into a new brand in cooperation with Ernst Strobl's AirLab team and the Shawn Witt Glidersport USA team. Since 2020, the European and Asian sales areas have been managed by, which has its headquarters in Austria. The entire development, communication and sales strategy is conceptualized in Austria and communicated worldwide with a structured team of dealers and importers as a new innovative brand. The aim is to cover all facets and possibilities of this unique sport as best as possible under one label and to find the right product for every pilot. Whether you are a beginner, frequent flyer, XC crack, hike & fly athlete, acrocrack, tandem pilot or motorized pilot -> everyone will find the right product for their requirements with us.



We offer a full range of paragliding products for training, beginners, frequent flyers, cross country, hike and fly, acro and tandem as well as a variety of powered paragliding products. We have sought to give each paraglider a unique design with no variations or alternatives. This has a positive impact on the efficiency of production, helps our sales department avoid unnecessary product promotion costs and eventually helps us all reduce costs and not raise the final price of the product. Our own X Fusion rescue system is available in five sizes ranging from 100 kg to 220 kg. Our tandem rescue system is the lightest EN certified cross cap on the market. In cooperation with the manufacturer SEA, we have developed an ultralight, Gravity branded, inflatable RUNA harness with modified details, especially for hike and fly. Another unique project is our Gravity paramotor frame which was developed by Glidersport in the USA and is sold as a new and innovative standard product by the Kössen team in the respective sales regions.

Each of our products focuses on three different aspects - safety, performance and fun. Our network of first-class test pilots and designers continuously works on adapting each and every Gravity product to not only comply with strict certification standards and requirements. Using state-of-the-art CAD and CFD tools and the latest materials available on the market, we try to add a touch of uniqueness and enjoyment to each product and we are more than proud that our many satisfied customers and distributors appreciate these benefits. This is what we consider our mission in the paragliding market and the principle we live by.

Vision and mission

Our partners

We know very well that our brand is only as good as the people who support our communications and sales and who, just like us, can fully identify with the products. Precisely for this reason, we select our distributors carefully and thoroughly based on our own criteria to have not just a large number of distribution partners but also a large circle of family and friends. Nevertheless, we are always on the lookout for new companions on our journey who will help us communicate our vision and live our mission.

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