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Xrocket SL LTF /EN  high B+



Product Info

Due to the enormous feedback and interest in the Xrocket, we decided to open this field to a wider range of pilots. The SL Superlight version shows minimal changes at the connection points and provides the best lightweight textile as well as a new lighter shoulder strap. The result is a wing that is almost 1,000 grams below the semi-light version of the X Rocket. The new combination of pack size and weight gives you the perfect wing for every Hike & Fly adventure – including a certification according to EN B! The SL version is available in sizes XS 23 and S 25 for a weight range of 65-97kg.


Available in 2 sizes from 23m2 to 25m2 in the standard layout - special colors are not an option.





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Package contents

Your Gravity wing is delivered with the following accessories:

- CompTubeBag

- adhesive repair material, 

Test Flight

For a test flight  find a local dealer or contact us.

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