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Xpressure ACRO


Product Info

When designing the GRAVITY Xpressure, they focused on the durability and the preservation of the excellent flight characteristics under extreme conditions. The glider is handed over with a pre-trim and the specially developed PX40 fabric. The PX40 is currently the strongest, usable fabric with a new type of coating for optimized tear resistance and shape accuracy - this includes multiple reinforced seams and reinforcements on all line holders and V-tapes. Chief designer Ernst Strobl bases the dynamic acro sail on 50 cells and relies on a modified line geometry with Stabilo Security Function in order to quickly manage any cravats.


In addition to the optimized pre-tensioning, significant work was done on the brakes, trim and stabilizer lines. The result is a significant increase in all transitions and especially when it comes to heli connections, the Xpressure works much more efficiently. In addition, the glider provides more power in maneuvers such as Heli2Sat, Sat2Heli, and prevents fluttering stabilo lines due to increased internal pressure, which is clearly noticeable in the Anti-Rhythmic. The modified braking geometry makes flying the Helico and Twister even easier.


The glider’s construction is based on a balanced canopy-harmony, offering the perfect mix of forgiving dynamics as well as precise, spot-on handling, without making the glider more aggressive. Due to the easy handling, the Xpressure is equally suitable for acro beginners, hobby acro pilots and acro professionals.

Available in 5 sizes from 17m2 to 35m2 in the standard layout - special colors are not an option.





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Package contents

Your Gravity wing is delivered with the following accessories:

- inner bag

- glider strap

- riser bag

- adhesive repair material, 

Test Flight

For a test flight  find a local dealer or contact us.

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