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Xpressure - The acro wing with supreme handling! The glider’s success story is based on a balanced canopy-harmony, offering the perfect mix between mistake-forgiving dynamics as well as precise, spot-on handling. We achieved a clear improvement in terms of dynamics as well as the handling, without making the glider more aggressive. Qualities which make the Xpressure equally suitable for acro beginners, hobby acro pilots and professionals.

We are proud that we received superb feedback during the world cup race season, enabling us to create this powerful, enduring wing while applying latest materials and technologies to insure pilot security. The concept and planning of the Xpressure was designed to make the usability, manoeuvrability homogenous. This wing is performing very subtle and well under extreme conditions with optimal state-of-the-art tear-proof materials.




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Package contents

Your Gravity wing is delivered with the following accessories:

- inner bag

- glider strap

- riser bag

- adhesive repair material, 

Test Flight

For a test flight  find a local dealer or contact us.

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