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Xcend light LTF /EN  A



Xcend light – a trendsetter in applying new technologies and standards in the field of safety as well as performance. The perfect allrounder for any kind of adventure! This lightweight offers great possibilities and options not just for beginners, but also a wide range of advanced and experienced pilots.

Never before have we pushed efforts and testing more in order to reach these ground breaking levels that we have with this fun-loving glider. A lot of sweat and determination has been put into the construction and optimisation of the new high-end A-wing which alone took more than a year. Many studies and prototypes led to a light, easy to handle, safe and reliable companion on any kind of exploration or airy adventure. Xcend light = built to last.




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Package contents

Your Gravity wing is delivered with the following accessories:

- inner bag

- glider strap

- riser bag

- adhesive repair material, 

Test Flight

For a test flight  find a local dealer or contact us.

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