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A new era of tandem flight has begun. For the very first time, we managed to take the agile solo handling to the two-seater class with our Xduo! Due to the high turn propensity while using low control pressure, this glider is a very efficient and convincing fun tool for every tandem pilot, either private or commercial, and it comes even with an EN B certification. Just little control impulses make the double seater react precisely and without any delay. With the handling being almost effortless, the pilot may even forget that he is flying a tandem glider.  The sharknose ensures high performance as well as stability during all kinds of conditions. The Xduo is a successful combination of top performance and highest safety. A long-lasting glider, using heavy-duty, prime materials while providing a top air experience. 


The revolutionary tandemmodell is available in two configurations as a free flight GT version with the DocTo 37 with  EN “B” certificaton on weightrange 140-230kg or as a paramotor version  with PX40 Material with reinforced line set and DGAC certification in the extended weightrange 190-320kg. Both applications comes with trimmers in the standard layout. special colors are not an option.





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Package contents

Your Gravity wing is delivered with the following accessories:

- inner bag

- glider strap

- riser bag

- adhesive repair material, 

Test Flight

For a test flight  find a local dealer or contact us.

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