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Xfusion LTF /EN


Product Info

The Xfusion series is the first product of the rescue range by Gravity Paragliders. This series was produced to ensure safety, while using the highest quality standards in terms of materials and manufacturing. It was made to last and keep you safe from beginners, ambitious long-distance pilots and pure pleasure seekers.


The system was redesigned and detailed to meet the needs of pilots and service providers. The result is a rescue system with very quick opening characteristics, low sink rates and extremely high pendulum stability. Our tandem system 220 is currently the lightest tandem cruciform rescue - and certified according to EN - on the market. With a total weight of 980g and a relatively large size of 28m2 – when compared to the competitive models - the X Fusion 100 is right on trend for rescue devices under 1kg.

Available in 5 sizes from 20m2 to 28m2 in the standard layout - special colors are not an option



Errors, omissions reserved, subject to modification, changes and without notice. Reproduction in whole or part without written, confirmed permission of GRAVITY airsports & more GmbH is strictly prohibited and results in legal action.



  • high safety aspect without horizontal drift

  • extremely fast opening time

  • unmatched pendulum stability with low sink rates

  • very simple packing method with a small packing size

  • high-quality material mix

  • cap construction with optimized air outlets

  • minimal weight without reducing the geometry

  • 220 kg lightest EN certified cross cap on the market

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